Acquisition of 70% equity interests in ShenZhen QiSen Fishery Company Limited

        On 29 May 2017, Jin Yu Tang Shenzhen Fishery Co., Ltd, (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company) and the Vendor entered into the Sale and Purchase Agreement, purchasing 70% of equity interests in Shenzhen Qisen Fishery Company Limited, equivalent to RMB60,909,000.00. Shenzhen Qisen Fishery Company Limited is a company established in the People’s Republic of China with limited liability, which is principally engaged in, amongst other things, fishing and catching business in open sea beyond the coastal region and has obtained the fishing right in Thailand which is in operation. The Company has been actively looking for opportunities to create shareholders’ value through making investments and/or acquiring business or projects that have promising outlooks and prospects, in particular, marine fishing business. The Acquisition could provide an opportunity to the Company to enter into the aquaculture which can bring a new income stream to the Group.