Memorandum signed for cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Kingdom of Cambodia

        On January 31, 2017, Group’s subsidiary, JinYutang (Cambodia) Fisheries Co., Ltd., entered into a memorandum of understanding on the strategic cooperation of fishery industrialization development with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the Prime Minister’s Office in Phnom Penh. The MAFF is a government agency of the Kingdom of Cambodia that is responsible for the formulation and the implementation of the ag-ricultural and fisheries development policies of the Kingdom of Cam-bodia. Veng Sakhon, Chairman of the MAFF of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Naotuo, Secretary of State of Cambodia, and Lord Cao Yunde, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Khmer Holding Group, Liu Rongsheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Ocean Fisheries Holdings Co., Ltd. and Gan Weiming, Executive Director of China Ocean Fisher-ies Holdings Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony. Yim Chhaily, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, witnessed the sign-ing of the two sides.

        Chairman Liu Rongsheng suggested that, in order to implement the strategy of Belt and Road proposed by President Xi Jinping, to pro-mote the Sino-Cambodian friendship and to develop the fishery indus-try in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the aim of the investment was first to introduce advanced fishery industry technology into the Kingdom of Cambodia and promote the economic development of the Kingdom of Cam-bodia. Secondly, as a Hong Kong listed company, China Ocean Fisheries hoped to take this chance to guide the majority of Hong Kong fisher-men to change the line of production and transfer the operation from the traditional South China Sea fishing methods to outside the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Meanwhile, the single fishing in-dustry was transformed into a combination of ocean fishing and aqua-culture, thereby solving the bottleneck encountered by the mobile fishermen in Hong Kong fisheries industry. Bilateral cooperation would be carried out concerning the development of aquaculture (in-cluding the sustainable development and management of fishery re-sources as well as the enhanced development of fisheries storage), the development and research of aquaculture technology, aquaculture and fishery industry chain, animal and plant health and quarantine, aquatic seed production and cultivation, aquatic feed and post-harvest fishing and commercial development. In addition, the two sides would also perform the exchange of aquaculture technical con-sultation, the exchange of experts and experience and the introduc-tion of new technologies in aquaculture development and management. Also, they give aid to the institutional establishment and the coop-eration of the fisheries and aquaculture research and development center, and help sustain the establishment and the cooperation of the fishery production inspection and quarantine center. Trade fairs, ex-hibitions, seminars and forums would be organized.

        From Hong Kong Commercial Daily reported on February 20, 2017.