JinYutang (Cambodia) Fisheries Co., Ltd. was founded

        On January 20, 2017, Shenzhen JinYutang Fisheries Co., Ltd., a subsidiary Company, entered a joint venture agreement with the Kingdom of Cambodia’s Khmer Holding Group I. JinYutang (Cambodia) Fisheries Co., Ltd. was founded with a registered capital of USD 10 million, whose investments include fishing activities in Cambodian coastal area, aquatic products processing, sales of fishery products, aquaculture and import and export trade.

        On January 19, Mr. Cao Yunde, Chairman of the Board of Khmer Holding Group, Mr. Liu Rongsheng, Chairman of China Ocean Fisheries Holdings Co., Ltd., Gan Weiming, Executive Director of China Ocean Fisheries Holdings Co., Ltd. and Lao Zan, a Professor of Guangdong Ocean Uni-versity headed for the establishment of the Kingdom of Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister in Phnom Penh and visited the Deputy Prime Min-ister, Yim Chhaily. Mr. Yim spoke highly of the establishment of the joint venture company and expressed strong support for the bilateral cooperative investment. The joint venture company would be founded on the basis of the Kingdom of Cambodia's resource distribution charac-teristics and fishery production base. It would invest and build a fishery industry chain that mainly focused on aquaculture, freezing and processing, supplemented by fishing. At the same time, the compa-ny would cooperate with China’a Guangdong Ocean University by means of academic exchanges and preferential study training methods to en-hance the reserve of talents of Cambodian aquaculture, to enhance lo-cal employment, to introduce China's advanced fisheries farming tech-nology and to promote a prosperous local fisheries economy.

        From Hong Kong Commercial Daily reported on January 23, 2017.