China Ocean Fishing Holdings Limited

With the lead of the management team, the Company is actively exploring business opportunities in other sectors to diversify risks and broaden the sources of income of the Company. The Company has adequate resources to continue with its business operations, and will continue to focus on its corporate objective to develop current businesses in order to strengthen its competitiveness, integrate its capital resources and contribute a maximum wealth to our equity holders. Noting that the supply chain management business is not having a stable growth during the Year, the Company will pay close attention to its performance and future development. At the same time, the management will continuously monitor and review the overall operation and financial performance of the Group’s businesses so as to cope with the everchanging business environment.

The management will keep proactively seeking for other investment and business opportunities with promising prospect to broaden the source of income of the Group and enhance value to the shareholders of the Company. Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all members of the Board and staff for their dedication and contribution to the Group and to those who have supported us. We will continue to make our best efforts in developing our businesses to produce good economic results and better return for our shareholders.

The 5.0 edition business model

1. Integrated industry chain business landscape
2. Business alliance and association business operation platform
3. International financial vision resembling a Listed company
4. Dynamic supply chain core application technique
5. System platform business model